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At Swiss Aesthetics we offer two types of laser hair removal, these include the Soprano Titanium laser and the Cynosure laser hair removal which are both popular and renown laser technology to target and remove unwanted hair.

Cynosure laser works by emitting concentrated light into hair follicles, which damages the follicle and inhibits future hair growth. It's known for being eff ective, relatively comfortable, and offering long-lasting results. However, it typically requires multiple sessions for optimal results, and the effectiveness can vary based on factors like hair color and skin type. It's important to consult with a qualified professional to determine if it's the right option for you.

At Swiss Aesthetics clinic our ethos is to provide you with safe and effective treatment always. Therefore, providing you with two laser  devices that can treat all skin types allows you to recieve the best possible outcome for your hair removal journey.

The benefits of Cynosure laser

Laser Hair Removal
  • Precision: The laser targets hair follicles precisely, leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. 
  • Effectiveness: It can lead to long-lasting hair reduction or removal. 
  • Speed: The procedure can cover large areas of the body relatively quickly. 
  • Convenience: It's a non-invasive procedure with minimal downtime, allowing patients to resume their daily  activities shortly after treatment.
  • Reduction of ingrown hairs: Laser hair removal can help reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs, a common  issue with other hair removal methods like shaving or waxing.
  • Improved skin texture: Over time, laser hair removal can lead to smoother skin in treated areas.
  • Cost-effective: While it may require multiple sessions, many people find it more cost-effective in the long run  compared to ongoing  expenses associated with other hair removal methods.


The benefits of Soprano Titanium laser

  • Triple wavelength technology: The Soprano Titanium combines three different wavelengths (755nm, 810nm, and 1064nm) to target a wide range  of hair types and skin tones, making it suitable for various individuals.
  • Speed and efficiency: It features a large spot size and a rapid repetition rate, allowing for quick and efficient treatment of larger areas of the body.
  • Dual Chill™ mechanism: This system incorporates both contact cooling and sapphire DualChill™ technology to ensure patient comfort and protect the surrounding skin during treatment.
  • Virtually painless: The Soprano Titanium is designed to provide a virtually painless hair removal experience, making it more comfortable for patients compared to traditional laser hair removal methods.
  • Versatility: It can be used on all skin types, including tanned skin, and is effective for both fine and coarse hair.




Frequently asked Questions

During laser hair removal, a laser emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair. The light energy is converted to heat, which damages the tube-shaped sacs within the skin (hair follicles) that produce hairs. This damage inhibits or delays future hair growth. The darker and the thicker a hair is the more pigment it will hold, and the more light it will absorb. The regrowth of hair will be slower and finer after just two sessions. That hair is eventually destroyed for a mostly permanent solution.

The Soprano system is one of the safest laser hair removal systems available. Unlike traditional laser systems, it delivers energy gradually over a few seconds by passing the applicator back and forth over the treatment area. This allows you to have more control over the heat and energy you receive.

The Soprano system is safe to use on all skin types, from level 1 to 6 on the Fitzpatrick scale. It can even be used on tanned skin as it targets the melanin pigment in the hair follicles. However, it may not be effective on very fine hair.

The treatment is not usually painful, but some people may experience a slight twinge, similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin. After the treatment, you may experience mild redness or sensitivity.

The Soprano system is not recommended for people with ginger, white or grey hair, as the laser is not effective on these hair colors. Additionally, if you have certain medical conditions, sunburn, or are pregnant, it is not recommended that you receive this treatment.

After the treatment, you may experience mild redness and sensitivity for a few hours to a couple of days. The treated hair roots will gradually fall out.

Most patients will require approximately 6-8 sessions, with one session per month, for optimal results. After each treatment, you will notice a significant improvement. In some cases, additional sessions may be required every 6-12 months.

Treatment Summary

Procedure time
30-60 mins
Pain relief
Skin cooling
Recovery time
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