The technology and results that we have seen whilst using the soprano machine on many satisfied clients, has made me so passionate about laser treatments due to soprano delivering on what it promises, permanent hair reduction.

Also, I have had the treatment done myself and highly recommended.

Here at Swiss Care, we have been using soprano for many years and it has become increasingly popular more and more. Due to it being pain-free, more affordable and due to all our years of experience and being CQC registered client and always being highly recommended.

One of the most common questions asked in my consultations is what is the difference between IPL and laser?

So In this article, I’m going to explain just what is the difference as often a lot of clients I come across seemed to find the whole thing quite confusing.

The laser produces a wavelength of energy that targets the melanin of the hair bulb, the hair bulb is destroyed which results in hair reduction.

The heat from the energy produced only targets the root so the skin is not affected.

Which means there is less chance of burning

IPL is not a laser , IPL is intense pulsed light.


So unlike laser which is a direct concentration of energy, IPL is a broad spectrum of wavelengths.

So it cannot be as concentrated as the laser, therefore the IPL wavelength varies and distributes and does not put the same amount of focused energy on the hair follicle as a laser, which affects the results of hair reduction.

IPL does not treat as deep as laser,

So thick, dark Corse hairs don’t get treated as successfully as they do with the laser.