Ear Reshaping/ Otoplasty

What is ear surgery?

Ear surgery is usually done to “pin the ears back” or to reduce the size of large ears. Also split ear lobes can be repaired.

What does ear surgery involve?

The common technique is the surgeon making a small incision in the back of the ear to expose the ear cartilage. He then sculpts the cartilage and bends it back toward the head. Non- removable stitches are used.

Who does the procedure?

Qualified surgeons from the UK, our surgeons have an average of 15 years experience and are the best breed available in the UK.

Is it painful?

Ears may throb or ache a little for a few days but can be relieved by medication.

How long will I have to stay in hospital?

Adults and children are usually up and around within a few hours of surgery, although you may prefer to stay overnight in the hospital with a child until the general anaesthesia wears off.

When can I go back to work?

Most adults can go back to work in about 5 days after. Children can go back to school after around 7 days as long as they are careful with playground activity.