Breast up lift surgery

For a more defined shape that is proportionate to

Your body

What is breast lift surgery?

Breast lift is a surgical procedure to uplift and tighten the breasts and raise sagging breasts.

What does breast lift surgery involve?

The surgery involves raising the breast by tightening and removing excess skin in order to produce an uplifted breast. Some woman may need implants inserted along with your breasts lift, which will be placed in a pocked directly under the breast.

Who does the procedure?

Qualified surgeons from the UK, our· surgeons have an average of 15 years experience and are the best breed available in the UK.

Is it painful?

The surgery is carried out under general aesthetic therefore whilst having the procedure you will not feel pain. After as with any operation, you can feel discomfort. Painkillers are provided to help ease the pain.

Will there be any scaring?

The amount of scaring depends on how much the breast needs to be lifted to achieve the ideal look.

How long will I be in hospital for?

Breast lifting is carried out under a general aesthetic and you are required to stay overnight.

When can I go back to work?

Althouqh you may be up and about in a day or 2. we recommend that a week or more is taken off work, depend i ng on how you feel.